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In our Broker’s first year, a prospective client approached her with a concern. He was a small business owner who was an existing client of a large international brokerage, and his calls to his own representative weren’t being returned. Compared to their larger counterparts, small & medium business owners may not receive the attention they deserve on their listings.

What motivated Julie was that these owners were just like her own father. Her dad was a farmer, an honest, hard-working man who worked extremely hard to provide for his family. Regardless of the weather or how long his days were, the work got done, and his word could be trusted. The idea that people like her dad weren’t getting the level of service they deserved inspired her to create City Commercial with small & medium-sized business owners in mind.

As our Success Stories share, we are committed to delivering the best, as we’ve a goal of one day serving owners across Canada.

If this resonates with you, let’s have an exploration conversation.

Latest Insights

The harsh reality is that rising interest rates can significantly diminish the value of your commercial real estate and reduce your net worth.
Edmonton Industrial Market Report: Bank of Canada's 5.0% rates led to a Q1 sales volume drop. Properties under $4M saw sales down 40.2%, but $/SF up 18.4%.
Edmonton Industrial Market Report: A strengthened commercial real estate market is expected in 2024, with interest rates plateauing.

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